About us

  • Who are we?

    epifrontUsing it’s experience of more than 20 years, EPI delivers optimum service from conception to utilisation of equipment and infrastructure. EPI, a French company, created in 2013, is based in Tours with two local offices (EAST: Montbéliard; PARIS: Mantes). EPI employs 10 persons, with 50% being experts in their field. In addition, we have young technicians who are engineers. During the realization phase, independent express can join the team to provide full client satisfaction.






  • Our means

    EPI has at it's disposal, means specific to it's field of work, tools, a team, and offices.

    Our team

    Permanently, we have:

    • 4 process experts
    • 3 business pilots
    • 1 designer BE in 2D/3D
    • 2 administratives

    With that, are added:

    • 1 process expert (ex-Renault)
    • 1 qualitician
    • 1 expert automation engineer
    • 1 chief of site

    Our equipment

    The different tools we use are:

    • 3 TESTO cases: Anemometers, Pitot tube,   Thermometers, Hygrometer.
    • 2 KIMO cases: Anemometers, Pitot tube,   Thermometers, Hygrometer.
    • 1 Sonometer
    • 1 ULTRAFLUX case: Ultrasonic flow sensor
    • Metricamper clamps
    • Stroboscopic tachymeters
    • 1 Infrared camera
    • 1 SOFRANEL ultrasounds: Sheet metal thickness, corrosion
    Our offices

    The head office is located at Saint-Paterne-Racan, close to Tours in Indre-et-Loire.

    The team can fully use the 150m² of offices so that they can work in the best possible conditions.




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  • More information

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